Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Tips For Using Windows Sound Recorder

Record at CD Quality:
By default, Windows Sound Recorder records using Radio Quality - this produces static and crackling in the file. In order to produce a CD Quality recording, the properties of the audio file must be set correctly before recording:

1. Open Sound Recorder which is found in:
Start/All Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder.
2. Choose File, then Properties.
3. Click [Convert Now..].
4. Use the drop-down menu under Name. From the list, choose CD Quality.
5. Click [OK] twice to return to the main Sound Recorder window.
6. Save the file.
7. Once the file is saved, it is set as a CD Quality audio file - the file will still be open in Sound Recorder.
8. Start recording and save the file when complete.

Stopping the feedback:
If the computer makes a squealing sound when recording (called feedback) it is most likely caused by the microphone being enabled in both the Sound playback and Sound recording volume controls. To correct, open Sounds and Audio Devices from Control Panel. On the Audio tab, open the Sound playback volume control and mute the microphone. The microphone should be selected on the Sound recording volume control.

Set Power Scheme to avoid drop-outs:
Power Schemes are found by opening Power Options from Control Panel. The default Power Scheme for most mobile computers is Portable/Laptop. With the Portable/Laptop Power Scheme, the computer may slow the processor in order to save power. This can cause clicks or drop-outs in recordings. To fix this, set the Power Scheme to Always On. The Always On scheme does not slow the processor.

Note: Change the Power Scheme back to Portable/Laptop when finished recording in order to avoid excessive battery drain.

Monday, May 23, 2011

In case you lost your phone

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) is a 15 digit number combination that is unique on your mobile phones. Usually this number is printed inside your mobile phone; you can view it once you remove the battery. Another way to know your IMEI is to key in “*#06#” on your mobile phone and it will give you the 15 digit number.  It’s better if you will write it down and keep it so in case you lost your phone you can contact your local operator and you can request to block that handset or mobile phone. Once it is blocked the handset can no longer be used even if they change its SIM.



Note: Blocking the handset thru the IMEI is not always applicable, it still depends on the local operator of your country.



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